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Agricultural projects

Agricultural production – grain, crop, vegetables – through up-to-date European technologies and know-hows.



1. KITE (Corn and Industrial Plant Production Cooperative), Hungary

KITE was established in 1972 through having combined nine agricultural collective farms under the auspices of the Red Star Cooperative in Nadudvar.

First it was acting as a non-profit organization. Their goal was to make use the latest achievements of the science and technics and to use up-to-date production lines, seeds, chemicals and fertilizers. A further goal of theirs was to master and utilize modern technology, labour and industrial engineering related methods required for the operation of up-to-date means of production and capital goods. KITE having been successful is proved by the fact that after less than five years had elapsed the number of its member farms jumped up to over 400 units of which the total size of plow land reached cca. 1,4 Million hectares. One can judge this number if to note that this figure makes up 30 % of all arable land in Hungary. Also the mechanization shortly started to show a quick development. In 1973 the machinery stock was made up by 16 pcs John Deere tractors the number of which after two years grew up to as much as more than five hundred with this dynamic growth having remained also during the subsequent years.

KITE from the very beginning was pioneering in the field of the development of related branches as well as of the planting and sowing structure and also of the increase of the intensification of this latter. One could look at and try out the new technologies and its results as well as the agricultural machinery in the field or during professional shows. KITE keeps organizing such kind of grade and technological shows till now in order to make producers and farmers see and try out and get familiar with new technologies and products at close range. KITE withdrew as of January 1, 1990 from the Red Star Cooperative of Nadudvar and continued operating further as Corn and Industrial Plant Production Cooperative which was joined by cca. 80 % of the former membership having contributed to its assets. After that KITE went on to operate as an independent and profit oriented company thereby proceeding further with the accomplishment and development of their goals. The company realizing bigger and bigger turnover created in 1992 along with some commercial and industrial companies and banks another entity called KITE Agricultural Service and Commercial Limited Co. In 2006 the name of the company was changed into KITE Agricultural Service and Commercial Private Public Limited Co. KITE is a company in 100 % Hungarian ownership whose shareholders are Hungarian companies, legal entities and private persons. The company is present in the whole of Hungary and is managed in five regions through 19 local offices with headquarters in Nadudvar and regional machinery and horticultural sites (in Derecske)

KITE as Hungary’s market leader agricultural company undertakes responsibility for its employees, business partners and its environment as well as for their sustainable development. While performing its activity the company pays serious attention to avoiding or minimizing any environment pollution. The goal is to market products of quality complying with the international regulations, which all meet the customers’ total satisfaction. A basic task of the company is the introduction and propagation on the domestic market of world level solutions and top technologies.

Apart from giving a firm workplace to more than 900 people KITE reckons it important that the employees be satisfied and feel good. The mental and psychical welfare of people as well as the preservation and improvement of their health are also paid serious attention to. For this purpose regular medical check ups and contributions to health fund are also provided. Employees (those who has worked for more than one year) are provided also savings combined life insurance. The company thinks it is vital to have the employees have up-to-date knowledge and skill, so regular trainings are conducted for them. The company thinks that the growth of intellectual capital is as important as the increase of proceeds and income. However, not only the qualification and training of the employees are emphasized, but also the taking care of talents. KITE is supporting financially the cultural life, a number of theaters, schools and in emergency cases it provides immediate assistance to those in need. In order to achieve its principal goals KITE applies operation systems being in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 management norms, the GLOBALGAP and GMP and norm based food and feed industry security norms as well as the ISCC norms relating to sustainable development.

Projects completed abroad

1984 – Mexico – corn production technological experiments and consultants’ training;
1993-1994 – Brasil – providing know how in tomato plants creation.


AGROINVEST Foreign Trade, Main Contracting and Services Co. Ltd. was established as an agricultural, agro-industrial designer, investor firm in 1951. Her foreign trade activity has become widened in 1968. AGROINVEST has more than 50 years of general and subcontracting experience in constructing and installing turnkey agricultural and food industrial production systems utilizing the latest and most modern methods and materials in over 50 countries.

The main activities and fields of experience of AGROINVEST:

Agricultural and agribusiness development projects, including elaboration of preliminary and feasibility studies for complex farms and projects, delivery of multiplication material for plant production and animal husbandry, delivery of equipment and instruments for the installation of development projects, consulting - engineering, technology transfer and technical assistance, training of specialists.

The traditional marketing policy of AGROINVEST guarantees the supply of premium quality seed varieties, breeding animals, carefully selected premixes, chemicals, veterinary products etc. necessary for the agricultural/food industrial projects as well as the supply of devices, equipment, spare parts manufactured under strict quality control. We assure follow-up inspections, consultation and continuing assistance for each project as long as required.

Besides the agribusiness sphere, in the last decade the company has been significantly engaged in infrastructure and environment protection projects, namely in the development of sewage and water network extension, technical supervision covering the aforementioned projects including waste water treatment plants, too.

This scope of activity integrates other similar engineering activities, like wide scale water and waste management.

The areas of activity is herewith demonstrated in the following professional summarization: We have wide experience in the abovementioned activities and our company possesses the most up-to-date computer system and own database. We keep in regular contact with Hungarian education centres, agricultural firms, research institutes, designers, contractors and marketing organizations. We take part actively in preparing development programs financed by World Bank loans, in surveying of investors' intentions, elaborating investment trends and evaluating them.

Having a wide-spread network both inside and outside of Hungary, AGROINVEST has up-to-date information on the current problems and on the intentions of the Hungarian Government and different municipalities (specifically relating to development projects in the environment protection, water and waste management, sewage and water network extension etc.), as well as of the agricultural and food industrial enterprises and a continuous survey on their production. This knowledge and professional standard of our experts, such as of our international connections enables us the most convenient intervention in the course of privatisation at any phase of the development, too.

3. Sunflower seed oil supplies